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Language Workshops

If you want to learn about the Serbian/Croatian language and culture, my creative individually based workshops will give you deeper insight not only into language and grammar, but into the culture, tradition, history and context of the Serbian/Croatian speaking areas.

Proofreading, Editing & Translation Assistance

As a native speaker of Serbian/Croatian, I offer a proofreading, editing and translation assistance to non-native Serbian/Croatian speakers who wish to ensure their written work reaches the high standard of Serbian/Croatian as required by universities, journals, public institutions and the business community. If you translate from other languages into Serbian/Croatian, if you need translation services from English & Italian into Serbian/Croatian or if you wish to adapt your text from the Serbian language variety into Croatian or from the Croatian language variety into Serbian, I can provide precise and correct language assistance.

Meet Serbia & Belgrade with me

In May 2015, I received a Tourist Guide Licence (No. 1782), issued by the Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications. With this license, I’m officially authorized to represent the Serbian cultural inheritance in English and Italian. If you want to meet Serbia and Belgrade, if you don’t know what you can find here, if you have a special interest in particular museums, places and traditions, I can help you satisfy your curiosity.