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Another great lesson. Nemanya answered my questions thoroughly, and was patient as I got more comfortable with some of the new grammar. He is very supportive and gives me a chance to correct myself. Really enjoyable – John, USA.

A great lesson (in terms of Nemanya’s good preparation). Thanks for being patient with my slow brain today – Noriko, Japan.

Nemanya is a very enthusiastic and responsive teacher. In this first lesson, he checked often to see whether I had any questions. The pace of the lesson felt tailored to my ability rather than going at a set speed – Eva, Canada.

Nemanya has been working with languages for over five years. His visual aids are catered depending on the student to effectively teach them – Joshua, The Philippines.

Wonderful! Very knowledgeable, professional and tailored the lesson to my level perfectly. Couldn’t be happier – Tanya, Australia.

Always a great lesson. Nemanya pushed my abilities as a beginner in a good way. He is very helpful and thorough when answering any questions that you may have. He was very knowledgeable and explained things in a way that I could understand. He gives a lot to study and think about so that you can also keep learning even after the session. I enjoyed it – Jetaun, USA.

Worked on pronunciation some more today. Still suffering with the Russian influence but getting more of a feel for it now. We also did some basic questions and answers which was useful for helping to activate some of the stuff I already understand reasonably well. Covered questions, and conjugations of some common verbs. Some things are now beginning to stick – Igor, Russia.

Another enjoyable lesson. Nemanya gave a lot of useful feedback throughout the lesson; I particularly enjoy how he encouraged me to speak and see patterns rather than just marching through verb conjugation. I can also say he is very responsive and supportive between lessons – John, USA.

Enjoyable first lesson! Nemanya is very affable. I’m not sure whether my Russian is a help or a hindrance at this stage, probably a bit of both. It feels strange to be starting at the beginning again, but at least it means the improvement will be rapid – Nicole, UK.

Excellent session. We had a conversation which used the grammar and vocabulary we had been learning so far. The conversation led to a number of idiomatic phrases, and new points of grammar and culture based on what I wanted to say – John, USA.

It was a very professional lesson! Thank you – Valentina, Italy.

In this lesson, we covered the conditional case and practiced using it by asking and answering hypothetical questions – Li Hong, China.

Nemanya is very attentive and patient. I look forward to more lessons – Sean, USA.

Today we had a conversation focused lesson, talking about houses and apartments, the furniture and other items we have inside, and discussed a short online article Nemanya had sent me to read before the lesson. A great lesson as always – John, USA.

We tackled the future tense today, fortunately this is relatively simple so I was able to pick this up reasonably well. We also covered the past tense, and by the end of the lesson I felt I was beginning to get the hang of it. We continued with the questions and answers. It’s quite tricky at the moment, but getting the basic structures down will provide a good base to build from. Thanks for all the help – Mark, UK.

It was a wonderful lesson. The teacher is very supportive – Giacomo, Italy.

Today I gave a presentation, trying to incorporate the constructions and vocabulary that we covered in the previous lesson. Nemanya gave me very detailed feedback. The opportunity to put the presentation together really helped me to realize how much progress I have made – though I still have a long way to go, and I look forward to continuing that journey with Nemanya – John, USA.

A real pleasure as always. Nemanya was very patient with my slow thinking after such a long break, but I felt really hopeful about the amount I was able to remember by the end of the lesson – Tereza, Poland.

As always with Nemanya, a great lesson. We began with a short conversation, then had a dictation that included lots of numbers (both cardinal and ordinal) in order to practice the ordinal numbers that we covered last week. After that, Nemanya provided some pictures that we discussed, which gave an opportunity to develop new vocabulary and apply it immediately in conversation – John, USA.

Nemanya strikes me as a very competent teacher. I would like to try him again in the future – Illiya, UK.

Nemanya is great! Very patient, very engaging and knowledgeable. He was able to gauge very quickly my strengths and challenges. Great lesson as always! I would highly recommend him – Melton, USA.

Excellent session. We had a conversation which used the grammar and vocabulary we had been learning so far. The conversation led to a number of idiomatic phrases, and new points of grammar and culture based on what I wanted to say – John, USA.

Another great lesson. We did a lot of conversation and looked at conjugation of verbs. I am really surprised and pleased with how quickly my vocabulary is expanding – Sebastian, Spain.

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