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Serbian & Croatian?

Check out what Wikipedia and Britannica say about the Serbian & Croatian language!


What to learn: Serbian or Croatian?

Before starting a workshop, you will have a free meeting and the possibility to explain why you want to study the language/culture. The materials we will use for your personalised Serbian/Croatian program depend on your motivations for learning:

  • Are you already a Serbian/Croatian speaker?
  • Do you want to learn because you want to improve your Serbian/Croatian vocabulary?
  • Do you want to learn because you want to move to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina or Montenegro?
  • Do you want to learn because you are going to study or to work in our region?

Regardless of your previous languages skills, reasons and motives to learn, you will be advised to choose from three basic solutions:

Whichever solution you choose, we will add numerous online sources, which help make for interesting and interactive workshops.


Take an online test!

Try to test online your Serbian and/or Croatian language skills.

Test of Serbian

Test of Croatian